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Get Latest Electric Toothbrush Heads in China!

SZJade offering cutting edge electric toothbrush heads at most reasonable price. Whether you need replicable, fixed electric tooth brush head, or regular toothbrushes, we have wide variety of all these products. Our toothbrush handle can be connected with many toothbrush handles according to your required application.

What type of Toothbrush Heads We Have?

We own diverse types of electric toothbrush heads such as; cross action heads which are best for daily cleaning mode; then we have floss action head, deep sweep, ortho care, precision clean, and to name a few.
Though all these brushes work on same cleaning mode, yet the brushes we have are suitable for some particular brushing modes, and each brush heads is available with series of different colored bristles, they are angled to 16 degrees to sweep along the gum line, across the tooth surfaces, and in between teeth to clean out plaque.
We also have trays own brush heads which are most reminiscent of manual brush.

Product Specifications

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Product Features

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